The 10 best free Pixel Fonts


Pixel fonts are becoming more and more popular. While Adobe Flash developers know and use them for some time now, pixel fonts find their way into static design more and more. Here are our 10 favorite free pixel fonts for free download!

Usually, pixel fonts are for use with a setting of 8 points, or a multiple of 8 (16, 24, …). Some fonts in this list use a setting of 10 points – you can see this in the readme file.

  • When you use pixel fonts, you should position the text on whole x and y values, otherwise it will appear blurry!

All typefaces come with a free license, so you can use them for your designs, as long as you don’t sell them. For more information about a font’s license, you can go to the source page listed with each font.

You can download a typeface (.zip) directly by simply clicking on ‘Download’.












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  1. 25 Responses to “The 10 best free Pixel Fonts”

  2. By snarf on Jan 28 | Reply


  3. By beeex happy team on Jan 28 | Reply

    You’re welcome! We appreciate feedback :)
    ~beeex happy!

  4. By yayoscar on Feb 11 | Reply

    Gracias, muy buena coleccion

  5. By beeex happy team on Feb 11 | Reply

    Muchas gracias! We hope you can put them to good use!

  6. By mimosa on Jun 10 | Reply

    How can I download the fonts, I see them for a second and then shows me this page.
    Please, help…

  7. By beeex happy team on Jun 10 | Reply

    You can download every pixel font by clicking on the yellow download button for every font. A window will pop up in your browser asking where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

    You can also right-click on any pixel font and select “Save target as”.

    If you still have trouble downloading the pixel fonts, just send us an email (go to “Contact” at the top right of the page) and tell us which fonts in this list you would like to have. We will send them to you by email.

    Hope this helps -
    Beeex happy!

  8. By beeex happy team on Jul 24 | Reply


    There have been a few reports from our readers that this page somehow closes itself when called up in a browser. We tested it back and forth and inside and out and we couldn’t find a problem.

    So if you are among the unfortunate who encounter this error, then please send us an email using the Contact form and request an email with the free pixel fonts of this page, and we will send you a ZIP file with all 10 fonts.

    And if you know why this error occurs, please tell us :)

  9. By Jeff on Aug 1 | Reply

    Thanks for these!

    I found the widgetbucks ad is setting the height of the div to 60px. Blocking that ad shows the post (you can see it in Firebug).

  10. By beeex happy team on Aug 2 | Reply

    You’re a star. Thank you for finding this! The ad is removed and won’t come back :)

  11. By Anne on Jan 6 | Reply

    Thank you so much for the pixel fonts!!!!

  12. By raed on Feb 13 | Reply


    thank u

  13. By Maarten on Feb 26 | Reply


    Nice fonts, but some, maybe all, lack the possibility to be used in Flash, because of the filled holes in letters. This has to do with the way the fonts are designed. If they are no good for Flash, what then is the use for these ‘10 best’ pixelfonts?
    Or do I do/think something wrong?

    greetings, maarten

  14. By vs0ne on Sep 22 | Reply

    thank you heaps for the fonts ^ ^

  15. By Phil | Digital Fodder on Sep 4 | Reply

    Downloaded Visitor for use with my blog, thanks!

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