Free Vector Art: Embroidery Badges

Free Vector Art: Embroidery Badges

Here’s a great free vector art pack by our friends the Vibr8 Bros. These vectors come as a genuine Illustrator .AI file for unlimited scalability, and do take a look: these very realistic embroidery badges are full, 100% vector graphics – there are no pixel/raster patterns involved!

The vector pack contains eight embroidery badges, all in different colors. What you get is vectors in green, red, brown, blue, and white, with various pre-made text graphics inside of them. And as if that wasn’t enought already, the Vibr8 Bros. also included four blank vector graphics with no text – for you to write your own blurb inside of it. How’s that?

Take a look at what is included in this download.

The free vector art file looks like this:
free vector graphics
..and it is an AI file for use in Adobe Illustrator CS3. There also is a secondary download, also free, which contains the vector graphics as PNG files (12 of them) – at a decent size, so that you can open them in Photoshop or another graphic design program, if you prefer not working with vector graphics.

You can download this free vector art pack right here. Enjoy!

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  2. By Bunny got Blog on Jul 24 | Reply

    I really like these ;)

  3. By Marco Cupa on Jul 25 | Reply

    These are great. They also mention on the site that they are going to post a tutorial on how they did it soon. Gotta see that :)

    Great vectors!

  4. By jojo on Apr 16 | Reply

    It’s so pretty and interesting! Thanks you for sharing this with us.

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