How to Trace a Photo in Illustrator


Here is an excellent tutorial on how to trace a photography in Illustrator. The vector trend is on, as you know, so this technique comes in quite handy nowadays.

Using simple gradient fills in Illustrator, you learn how to create a pretty realistic illustration from a picture. This is a very good tutorial on tracing photos but involves that you know Illustrator basics.


You can view this tutorial here.

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  2. By Michazastic on Jan 16 | Reply

    Great tutorial
    More of this plz

  3. By Anonymous on Apr 9 | Reply

    This tutorial is everywhere online. I wonder who really made it?

  4. By beeex happy team on Apr 9 | Reply

    @ Anonymous,
    Definitely the one we’re featuring, Nick La of N-Design Studio.

    Good content gets copied (”scraped”) quite often, which is a shame. The site you link to seems to do just that.

    Here is an interesting article on content scraping.

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