How to turn your Brunette Girlfriend into a Blonde


Your girlfriend has brown hair. You’d absolutely like her to try dyeing her hair blonde, but she won’t do it because she is afraid of the results? Here comes a marvellous solution for your problem: show her how she looks with blonde hair in Photoshop! Like this:


This is Kristin Kreuk from the TV series Smallville before and after tweaking her hair with Adobe Photoshop. Do the same with a picture of your girlfriend – or boyfriend, of course! – with this 8-step tutorial!

This is a very good tutorial on changing hair color in a photograph. The technique you learn is almost essential knowledge and a must-be for Photoshop artists. Here is another example using a photograph of Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives).


Oh, and don’t take our little story too seriously… As a matter of fact, I myself prefer brunettes ;)

You can view this tutorial here!

  1. 3 Responses to “How to turn your Brunette Girlfriend into a Blonde”

  2. By JM on Aug 18 | Reply

    Or change your girlfriend from blonde to brunette, I prefer brunette!!

  3. By Alice on Nov 30 | Reply

    Haha its not really a good idea to start bleaching ur hair when its that dark. You’ll probably just end up with a green-haired girlfriend. :)

  4. By Sunny on Mar 29 | Reply

    dammn, ure right!!!!!!

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