Photoshop Tutorial: How to make the Flare Effect

Photoshop Tutorial: How to make the Flare Effect

Take a look at this quick Photoshop tutorial on creating a beautiful flare effect, using, of course, Adobe Photoshop. The tutorial includes a free download of the WordPress logo (Hi-res). This effect comes in handy, not only for the example with the WordPress logo. You can use it in your graphic design art projects, e.g. for fantasy art. More after the jump.

This Photoshop tutorial is by Dan Philibin. He is a web developer, obviously with quite a few graphic design tricks down his sleeve ;)
Here’s what he says about himself on the website:

I’m Dan, a young web developer keeping busy in the wonderful world of web development. I’m a huge fan of WordPress and run WPCustomization and help run WPCandy.

Sounds like something, doesn’t it?

Dan explains step by step how he created this nice glare/glow effect using built-in Photoshop techniques. You can try it out yourself by following the easy instructions in this tutorial. A link to the WordPress logo used in the tutorial is also included.

Photoshop Flare Effect Tutorial

You can go to this wonderful Photoshop tutorial right here. Check it out!

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