Photoshop Tutorial: Retouch A Model, Sexy Glamour Style

Photoshop Tutorial: Retouch A Model, Sexy Glamour Style

This excellent 12-step Photoshop model tutorial about how to glam-style a model up for top shelf shows you how to retouch an average photo of a girl (model) professionally, and turn it into a stunning, glamour style, sexy picture. This Photoshop technique is used by design professionals and photographers, and in the publishing industry every day, and the results are what you see on the shelves of every book store. Now just don’t get irritated or start drooling… ;)

Photoshop Model Tutorial

This is what you get in this Photoshop tutorial. Learn how to use the airbrush in Adobe Photoshop to remove skin irritations, to brighten up the eyes and to get stunning, beautiful results in the end. It’s not too hard at all. The Photoshop tutorial is by Mizuno and it’s one of our favorites, as it teaches essential skills for Photoshop users. Try it out yourself!

BEFORE: This is the sexy girl you’re going to retouch in this Photoshop tutorial.
Photoshop Retouch Tutorial

AFTER: And this is the direct comparison of the before and after. The girl has been turned into a glamour model, ready for top shelf at your local magazine store. All with this Photoshop tutorial:
Photoshop model tutorial

Since we last posted this Photoshop model tutorial here on, the site with the tutorial has removed the page for some reason. But we did some digging and found it on another site. So what you get here is a large screenshot of this Photoshop tutorial.

The JPG is 1.9 MB large. You can either click on the link and view the screenshot online, or right-click and download it.

View or download this Photoshop Model Tutorial

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice: We are not the copyright holders of this tutorial. Unfortunately, we were not able to identify the owner, or we would have linked to the original source. If you are the owner of this tutorial and object to this feature on our site, or wish to identify yourself for proper crediting, please notify us immediately. Thank you.

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  2. By Michazastic on Jan 29 | Reply

    OK OK I know you have good stuff on here but
    this one tops it all!!!
    perfect tut and hot girl, I’m finished for today

  3. By CONE on Oct 3 | Reply

    thank you for this little article…
    something I wanna try… change color skin…
    I think its very useful if I can applied the technique

  4. By Rubi on May 26 | Reply

    Awesome!! I¡ll try it with my models, I have to present a fashion design book in a few days and this is perfect. Thanks a lot! ;]

  5. By Joaquin Rude on Apr 29 | Reply

    I have visited your site before. Classy female photo. BTW you have a informative blog

  6. By Gladys on May 17 | Reply

    Cool tutorial… i really like it =)

  7. By sourou on Jun 6 | Reply

    i can changed may photos widh photoshop

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