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How NOT to mess with Dynamic Wrap in InDesign

This simple tutorial for Adobe InDesign is about wrapping text around images - and making it 'change-safe'. This applies when you place an image in InDesign, wrap text around it, and then modify the image colors. If you use dynamic wrap without paying attention to this useful tip, you may ...

Advanced Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

This is a good tutorial for Photoshop users who know their way around a bit already. You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop, but you should know some of the basics before you try this tutorial out.

Photoshop Tutorial: Retouch A Model, Sexy Glamour Style Photoshop Tutorial: Retouch A Model, Sexy Glamour Style

This excellent 12-step Photoshop model tutorial about how to glam-style a model up for top shelf shows you how to retouch an average photo of a girl (model) professionally, and turn it into a stunning, glamour style, sexy picture. This Photoshop technique is used by design professionals and photographers, and ...

How to turn your Brunette Girlfriend into a Blonde

Your girlfriend has brown hair. You'd absolutely like her to try dyeing her hair blonde, but she won't do it because she is afraid of the results? Here comes a marvellous solution for your problem: show her how she looks with blonde hair in Photoshop! Like this: This is Kristin Kreuk ...

How to Trace a Drawing in Photoshop

We've talked about tracing a photo in Illustrator and creating an illustration using simple gradients in this post: How to Trace a Photo in Illustrator. What if you have a sketch or a hand drawing you'd like to trace and enhance?